I write about entrepreneurship and personal growth. Keeping my articles simple and in plain English, I have shared with people on my personal experiences of being an entrepreneur. I manage my own design company over the years whilst at the same time diversifying into various other means to grow my cash flow portfolio. I am hopeful that my blog will not only inspire, it’ll empower you at the same time to live a truly fulfilling life.

Milestones thus far


Most of my results come from the many hours spent reading, talking to people, attending courses and most vital of all, the hard lessons learnt through failures.

  • 20 years old – Started learning about internet marketing. It took me 9 months before I started making money online, mostly through affiliate marketing.
  • 23 years old – I ventured into eCommerce. Most of my sales derived from product flipping whereby I sourced products at a lower cost and resell it higher.
  • 24 years old – Purchased my first under-con property which was a condominium and after completion, has been renting it out ever since.
  • 26 years old – Formed my own design company.
  • 28 years old – Started learning about the dynamics of Instagram and how to grow them effectively using the shortest time possible. From there on, I was able to monetize my Instagram accounts which brought me income online. (In due time, I’ll be writing a blog post about this. Stay tuned)
  • 29 years old – Added 2 more properties under my investment portfolio, an under-con and a sub-sale condo.
  • 29 years old – Started learning on how to invest stocks effectively and safely. Purchased a number of blue chip shares because I believe in long-term investments.
  • And much more to come

My entrepreneur and personal growth achievements may not be cut-short or even made possible without the countless advise and help from people I met along the way.

In receiving, I hope to give back to those who are starting or are still contemplating to start.